Finding Stillness

Finding stillness in the busy world we live in can often seem very challenging and the inner voice that tells us we don’t have time or we shouldn’t often calls quite loud. So much happens through life, whether is be mundane day to day incidents that rile us up or major incidents that leave us questioning our life choices we need to make time every ow and again to review and take stock.

Often this can be an intimidating prcoess looking inwards can be very challenging and we are not always prepared to take a close look.

I find that I am often more ready to accept self evaluation and settle into the task of smoothing out any knotted areas within my life, body and mind after my practice. Yoga asana practice helps me to feel more at home in my body, helps me to sit or lie more comfortably. Pranyama practice allows me to feel more energised and at peace from within, cleansing the dy with a series of breaking technique and practices finally meditation or yoga Nidra are the times when I feel I can allow myself to let go, accept that the only thing that is instant is change, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty and be prepared and better equipped to find stillness in the turbulance of life and allow myself to float through with the ability to find stillness when needed.



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